Dormant and transfer

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As you all know, my poor posts became a fluke, so I will be leaving WordPress and transfer over to Blogger. Thus this site will be remain open for archiving.




Offically launched!

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It’s here, but I’m so lazy doing posting blogs here, but it’s been a while. Here ya go:

Sorry bout that.

Dang, I never see it coming… YouTube

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Let me guess this straight, my friend named Matt, aka BusFreak93™ Videos got his f**kin account terminated by YT. However, music with the WMG less than 10 sec. is suspended.  Exactly, there was a WMG v. YouTube scandal 2 years ago:

NEW YORK (Hollywood Today) 12/22/08 – Apparently, Warner Music Group (WMG) believes its videos are worth more than video-sharing giant YouTube is paying. According to The New York Times, the world’s fourth largest record label began pulling content on Saturday, citing an unfair licensing agreement.

“We simply cannot accept the terms that fail to appropriately and fairly compensate recording artists, songwriters, labels and publishers for the value they provide,” WMG said in a statement.

YouTube addressed the situation on its blog Friday, apologizing for any frustration on the part of its users, but emphasizing the need to respect the rights of musicians, songwriters and fans alike.

WMG, like many other music labels, had a contract with YouTube that specified an undisclosed rate of payment based on the number of times each video was viewed.

The dissolution of the company’s relationship with YouTube came on the heels of an announcement by the Recording Industry Association of America, an industry trade group of which WMG is a member, that it would no longer pursue costly legal action against consumers caught pirating music, but would instead work with content-providing Web sites to block scofflaws.

Flaw indeed.

Sony/WMG always mute the music in their videos when they took it out. In my terms, UMG blocks its videos. Beats me, I had my “SAVE US 222” TitanTron vid on my “Y2JERICHOLIC2010” channel, but I eventually took it down to prevent suspension.

If I would try Bring Me To Life music, it’ll replace my song for example, Justin Timberlake. Awfully speaking, YouTube is always strict with music, anime, ads being copyrighted.

Speaking of it, there was a parody team named “TEAM FOUR STAR”.  Months ago, they did dubbed/produced “Dragon Ball Z Abridged” for its parody. They got their asses in trouble by TOEI and FUNimation for copyrighted videos and were suspended.

We do not claim to be lawyers, but while Team Four Star seems to have been granted an unwritten “ignore” from FUNimation with regards to keeping material online, Toei does not necessarily feel the same way… and it does not seem like they have much of a leg to stand on. You can argue “parody” all you want (especially with original graphics, voice acting, compositions, etc.)… but as we have argued on our podcast with the cast themselves, the series ended up becoming more of a shortened, genuine dub of the series at points, rather than an all-out mockery. Is that enough to tip the “fair use/parody” defense completely in favor of Toei? Perhaps.

While we will never claim to have the wit and talent of TeamFourStar, we are more than happy to file a DMCA counter-notice should any of our “Inconsistencies” videos be taken down (already noted as having content “identified” as being “owned” by FUNimation), which have much more of a “fair use” justification, in my humble opinion.”

Here and now, they were eventually reinstated perhaps? Check em out:

God Bless the Lord have mercy.

My apologies and name change.

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With me never posted this blog while i’m doing my excessive activites, I will post more when I have time…

And Y2Jericholic2010’s Ring Shift will become Silver Shenron’s Ring Shift Palace effective immediately.

End of year BS!

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Here I stand, I may go transitfanning since i’m old enough to make my decsions. I was thinking that I might have to talk to Rochelle (De Torres) and/or Camille (Reyes) about putting their photos together with mine for my future video montage entitled “THE BEST OF FRESH’S JOURNEY AND NINER LIFE @ J.V. – 2008-09”. However, it may be good for my friends to show who I am this time without ditching me during lunch.

The next step, they have to do exams, then we can go to Scarborough Historical Museum for Camp Rocks voluenteer crap. If they want, they can come over to my residence without disecrete or I go to theirs if it’s necessary for me.

EDIT: Never did since I shift gears doing other things. Sorry, dawgs.

Draft went as hell!!!

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OK, I’m back after a 8-week hiatus and let’s get things running smotothly like the last time. Here are my useful jacked-up, Fresh-certified topics:


How’s my savior Y2J Chris Jericho drafted to SmackDown? Edge won the 15-man tri-branded battle royal on April 13 after edging the Big Show on the ropes. My saviors Triple H was drafted back to Raw with the WWE Title too. Many of you guys recall backin June when HHH took the title to SmackDown, thus having two titles on SmackDown in 2008, Raw in 2009. Until Backlash, Edge took the title back to the brand after beating John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match and Team Legacy leader, Randy Orton won the WWE Title from HHH after an RKO then the punt.

Here are the Draft List from top to bottom:

Pick #  ↓ Brand (to)  ↓ Employee
(Real name) ↓
Role  ↓ Brand (from)  ↓
1 Raw Montel Vontavious Porter
(Alvin Burke, Jr.)
Male wrestler SmackDown
2 Raw The Big Show
(Paul Wight)
Male wrestler SmackDown
3 SmackDown Melina
(Melina Perez)
Female wrestler Raw
4 Raw Matt Hardy Male wrestler SmackDown
5 Raw Triple H
(Paul Levesque)
Male wrestler SmackDown
6 SmackDown CM Punk
(Phil Brooks)
Male wrestler Raw
7 Raw The Miz
(Mike Mizanin)
Male wrestler ECW
8 SmackDown Kane
(Glenn Jacobs)
Male wrestler Raw
9 SmackDown Chris Jericho
(Christopher Irvine)
Male wrestler Raw
10 ECW Vladimir Kozlov
(Oleg Prudius)
Male wrestler SmackDown
11 Raw Maryse
(Maryse Ouellet)
Female wrestler SmackDown
12 SmackDown Rey Mysterio
(Oscar Gutierrez)
Male wrestler Raw

Supplemental Draft

Pick #  ↓ Brand (to)  ↓ Employee
(Real name) ↓
Role  ↓ Brand (from)  ↓
13 Raw Mr. Kennedy
(Kenneth Anderson)
Male wrestler SmackDown
14 SmackDown Shad Gaspard Male wrestler Raw
15 SmackDown Alicia Fox
(Victoria Crawford)
Female wrestler ECW
16 Raw Primo Colon
(Eddie Colón)
Male wrestler SmackDown
17 SmackDown Mike Knox
(Michael Hettinga)
Male wrestler Raw
18 ECW Ezekiel Jackson
(Rycklon Stephens)
Male wrestler SmackDown
19 Raw Nikki Bella
(Nicole Garcia)
Female wrestler SmackDown
20 SmackDown Candice Michelle
(Candice Michelle Beckman-Ehrlich)
Female wrestler Raw
21 ECW Zack Ryder
(Matthew Cardona)
Male wrestler SmackDown
22 Raw Chavo Guerrero
(Salvador Guerrero IV)
Male wrestler SmackDown
23 SmackDown Ricky Ortiz
(Richard Young)
Male wrestler ECW
24 SmackDown Layla
(Layla El)
Female wrestler Raw
25 Raw Hornswoggle
(Dylan Postl)
Male wrestler ECW
26 ECW DH Smith
(Harry Smith)
Male wrestler SmackDown
27 SmackDown John Morrison
(John Hennigan)
Male wrestler ECW
28 Raw Carlito
(Carly Colón)
Male wrestler SmackDown
29 ECW Natalya
(Nattie Neidhart)
Female wrestler SmackDown
30 Raw Festus
(Drew Hankinson)
Male wrestler SmackDown
31 SmackDown JTG
(Jayson Paul)
Male wrestler Raw
32 SmackDown Dolph Ziggler
(Nick Nemeth)
Male wrestler Raw
33 Raw The Brian Kendrick Male wrestler SmackDown
34 SmackDown Charlie Haas Male wrestler Raw
35 ECW Hurricane Helms
(Gregory Helms)
Male wrestler SmackDown
36 Raw Brie Bella
(Brianna Garcia)
Female wrestler SmackDown


With the superstars glooming after the Draft, WWE recently launched the new show for the three brands – WWE Superstars on WGN America. It airs Thursdays 8p/5p. So watch it or die!!! Hahaha, joking.


My transit rides might become less frequent as well as the CPTDB Membership. So currently, I have 7 transit agencies paperbus models. I’ll try to build one of my fleet  soon.


On February 2, 2009, I’ve been reckoning and hanging out with my homies because I’m chillin’ with them. However, a few of them came from my school (St. Rose of Lima), while a bunch came from other schools such as St. Thomas More as exact. One of my friends notices my name and my talents. Erik Opinaldo (the guy said to me about the “Russell” name in my massive confusion), plays the guitar a lot and goes unlyrically crazy. Hahahaha.  Seriously.  Also, they almost ditched me in the first place since I might not follow them. However, one of us six guys look alike from Detroit’s rap group, D12, which is run by Eminem and his late-friend, Proof.

Here are the Roll Call from my friends who went to their respective elementary schools:

Note: brackets indicating their graduation date.

St. Rose of Lima

– Jelo Gutierrez Cantos (2007)

– Aron Adrian Ramirez (2008)

– Dale Albeos (2008)

– Chellsea Credo (2008)

– Russell Del Socorro (2008)

– Rami Nassar (2008)

St. Thomas More

– Erik Opinlado (2008)

– Rochelle De Torres (2008)

– Wayne Quo-tell De Torres (2008)

– Camille Guia Reyes (2008)

Be:sides, I have to like my girlfriend or its a bust. Recently, I get to like Kathleen Abad, but sadly, herself and I are friends since day one. Currently, her cousin, Joyce Sablay, wanted to like me, but I blew it on the edge. Still, i’m friends with them.

As of Monday-Thursdays @ 7:00 for me on TV, I started watched Pimp My Ride with Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit. Yea!! Keep on pimpin’ anyone’s ride!!!!

Guess who I met!!

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Earlier in the Black History Month assembly in the Maverick Universe, I met Cabbie (from The Score’s Cabbie on the Street). I watched his shows very frequently and called me J. And eventually, he took a photo of me with him, see my dreams on TV one day.