How to create a real wrestling match

This is for backyarders and also rookie wrestlers ! When you write and perform your matches, you sometime feels like it’s quite different of what you see on tv / pro shows.

Learn how to write and perform a WWE match !


  1. Introduction: When you’re steping on the ring, show who you are, heel (bad) or face (good) Exemple: If you’re the bad guy, insult the crowd, or hit the referee when he comes to check your pads. If you’re a face, go on the top rope and hail the crowd. Remember to stay in your gimmick during the whole match
  2. Chain Wrestling: This is the begining of the match, where both oponent are still active. Chain Wrestling is used in Europe and Japan for complete matches. But in classical matches it juste introcues it. Begin with a lock up, and use moves like hip toss, irish whip, arm lock, hammerlock, headlock, take down, etc… Use loads of reversals
  3. Shining: After the chain wrestling, one of the wrestler most take the advantage. Here we go with the face being dominant. Simply use your favourite moves accorded to your style (high flyer, power wrestler, etc…)
  4. Cut off: After several moves, the heel’s cutting your shine with a low blow, eye poke or any dirty move
  5. Heat: It’s time for the other wrestler to perform his favorite moves (same instruction as the shining part)
  6. Hope spot: In this step, the Face’s having a second chance and peforms 1 or two moves, but the third one is usually stopped by the heel. (Typicly the face tries a drop from the top rope, but the heel reverse it)
  7. Double Down: The hope spot normally ties into the double down, where both wrestlers are on the ground. Stand up at about 6-7
  8. Finish: Then one of the wrestlers wins by using his finishing move, or by cheating (School boy, low blow in small package, using a weapon etc…)


  • For Backyard Wrestlers: What you consider as basics (DDT, Suplex, Powerbomb, etc…) Are mostly used as finishing moves. Try to learn basics as arm drag, snapmare, headlock in take down, powerslam, body slam, and back body drop. These moves make a rythm in the match
  • Don’t use the same move in the match alot, try to have different techniques, try the pin regulary
  • Work with the ropes, run into, reverse the clotheslines, then the match will seem faster, if you don’t have ropes (backyard wrestlers) just let your opponent run into you so you can still do the moves named above.
  • Never use powerful moves in the begining, save them for the end
  • Perform moves that you have trained, especially if there’s crowd, don’t try something you don’t know you can preform
  • It’s a good way to learn to analyze wrestling matches. Now you know the 7 parts of a wrestling match, watch WWE matches more observantly, and try to notice when wrestlers are going in another part
  • In the middle of the match, if you don’t remember what you’ve got to do, call your opponent, be carefull to don’t be caught by the crowd !


  • Wrestling is a pretty dangerous sport, especially when you’ve never been trained by a professional wrestler ( a week-end training camp is enough to learn the bumps ! go to a school near your place !)
  • If you use weapons, be sure it’s safe.
  • If you want to wrestle, be sure your body is able to wristand, go to a check with your family doctor !!!


  • 2 or more Wrestlers
  • A Ring
  • A Referee
  • An Audience.


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