Will WWE To Join With TNA?

From Bleacher Report.com: 2009-01-16

According to rumors, the two wrestling corporation giants WWE and TNA could be planning on joining forces and continuing under one banner: that of the WWE.

TNA has seen a steady decreace in profits since mid-February 2008, and as such will be unable to continue its business independently from around September of this year. If the deal goes through, reports indicate that we could see them being bought up and integrated into the WWE as early as June.

Wrestling entertainment companies such as TNA have been amongst the firms hit the hardest by the recent financial crisis. However this isn’t true for the WWE, which is experiencing a new “golden age”, both in terms of popularity and financial security.

Of course if the deal goes ahead, TNA fans need not worry that their beloved organisation will be completely torn apart and integrated into the WWE, as seen when the WWE bought up WCW in 2001.

The WWE have reassured fans that their priority will be “keeping the core elements that define TNA’s individuality.” The show will with all likeliness form the third main element of the WWE, after Smackdown! and RAW.

“I think it could be an interesting change for TNA”, said one fan. “The change could take TNA in a very different direction from the old TNA – and that’s no bad thing. And it will also be good to see old WWE superstars like Kurt Angle and Booker T reunited with all their old colleagues.”

Well, for the first time since WWF (now WWE) bought WCW in 2001 and ECW in 2003, a bunch of wrestlers are crashin’ the party. Literally folks, one-thirds of the TNA Roster might split to SmackDown, Raw, or ECW
if there a Draft/Brand Extension going on TV now.

On the other hand, I hope this happerns or not.

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